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Construction Arm

The construction arm of the group is a leading first grade rated company by the ministry of planning (the Republic of Iraq). The company was involved in the Reconstruction and development of IRAQ, It has become a leader in the following


  • Establishment of hospitals and specialized healthcare centers.
  • Water treatment plants
  • Water waste treatment plants
  • Design and construction of steel structures
  • Steel bridges in rural areas
  • Design and construction of buildings, homes and apartments
  • Paving roads
  • National Electricity projects

Steel Construction

Al-Hayakel is a leader in planning and execution of steel construction. In the last 18 years steel structure were a favorable alternative. The advantages are obvious:

  • ­­­­Saving time
  • Saving space
  • Saving money-less employees and less
  • equipment needed
  • Flexible
  • fabrication
  • more
  • engineering
  • and architectural possibilities.
  • Mobility of the structure


Al-Hayakel has been involved in some of the national electricity projects and has gained valuable experience in carrying out Mega projects in the Energy field.



The group is involved in international trading, import and export of:

  1. Commodities
  2. Oil and fuel
  3. Vegetables
  4. Textile products
  5. Electric appliances



Trading Arm of the group’s is heavily invested in the retail field. this is also one of our company most desired development fields as we recognized the growth potential of personal consumption in our region


We have accumulated experience in the fields we operate in and bring this advantage to our customer in the form of flexible pricing and professional execution